BSP in a week service


Historically it's always taken months to put together a Board Support Package that is reliable and maintainable. However the rules of the game have changed. Using Linux Target Image Builder (LTIB) and our expertise we can do just that provided you already have some of the ingredients.

What's the process?

You need to provide the following: We will then: Within a week of project start, we will send you your new BSP to try out on your target.

Questions and answers:

What if I don't have a cross toolchain?
It depends, often there may be something we have or know of that may be usable. We would need to discuss the implications with you before proceeding. If agreed we'd proceed, however this would increase the timescale and cost to some extent.

If a completely new toolchain build is required, that would have to be discussed and potentially handled under a separate consultancy contract.

What if I don't have the kernel source/patch/configuration files?
We would need to discuss a separate consultancy contract.

Can you do board testing in addition to providing the BSP?
Yes, but this would be at additional cost and you would need to supply the board (which we can return). This is probably a good idea as we have an extensive automated test system that we can apply to your target.

What about maintenance and updates
We can provide a support contract to do this. Alternatively you may find that you are able to do this yourself. Remember the underlying builder is LTIB, which is open-source and has a public mailing list where you can get help.

Do I have to put my new target on the public LTIB site
No, not unless you want to. If you like you can just distribute ISO images to your customers (if made with LTIB they include all the sources).

However, unless you have a reason to keep your BSP private, we recommend having it included on the public LTIB list. This will not only mean it gets any routine maintenance updates (for free), but it also allows you a means of distributing and updating your BSP at no cost.

Great, I'm convinced, what does it cost and how to I get rolling?
After you contact us by email (using the contact link) we will discuss the feasibility of your project and if accepted give you a quote for the work. The cost will be based on one weeks effort at our consultancy rate.