Why Linux

The last decade has seen an explosive growth in the use of Linux as an Embedded Operating System. While most people will understand that cost sensitivity has been a major driver, many may not be aware of some of the other considerations.

We believe that flexibility has also been a major factor. Linux has shown itself to be the right choice, whether the application is small footprint controller, or a enterprise level system. Linux is not only flexible in terms of its modular construction, it has also become widely ported, available on most modern processor architectures.

Unlike early Embedded Operating Systems, Linux started as a full service Operating System, including networking and file-system support. It was later pared down for use in Embedded systems. This means that you will benefit from features that are intrinsically part of the design, including:
Because Linux is Open Source there are no dead-ends or vendor dependencies. You have full access to all the source code and are able to resolve any software issues.

We believe that for all but the smallest footprint devices, Linux is the natural choice.