Zee2 releases z2rlab

Zee2 are pleased to announce the immediate availably of z2rlab. z2rlab is a system that allows users to securely control and access their lab (typically development boards) from anywhere in the world. For more details click here.

Zee2 adds ARM ep93xx platform to LTIB

Zee2 has added a new platform to LTIB for the ARM ep93xx architecture. The new BSP is for the Cirrus Logic edb9302 evaluation board which features the EP9302 processor.

Zee2 releases new ARM toolchain

Zee2 has built a new ARM toolchain which has been uploaded to the package pool on bitshrine (GPP), and is available for download and use in LTIB for ARM architectures. This is a generic ARM OABI soft float uClibc toolchain intended for use with arm little endian soft float processors. Full details are available here

Zee2 to develop remote lab access systems

Zee2 is pleased to announce the development of z2rlab. This product provides a hardware and software solution that allows users to securely access their lab (typically development boards) from anywhere in the world. Further information will be announced in due course. In the mean time if you have any question please get in touch.

Zee2 to provide Embedded System Solutions

Zee2 Ltd, has been formed by a group of Embedded systems experts, including two of the original founders of Zentropix, the Real-Time Linux specialist. The aim of the company is to provide a wide range of products, support and services to the Embedded Systems industry.