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  • Virtutech Logo Virtutech delivers product development process improvement through virtualized systems development. Virtutech's Simics is the only commercial solution that delivers the four most important criteria for successful deployment of virtualization for product development: speed, scalability, model availability, and control. Simics allows for a revolutionary change in the product development process at a full system level rather than a component level. Simics customers report reduced time to market, capital expenditures and development costs, better project risk management, increased product quality and individual productivity. To foster adoption of virtualization during product development, Virtutech is involved in several standardization and trade associations: ARM Connected Community, Eclipse, OSCI, and The Spirit Consortium. Virtutech serves the needs of the world's leading OEMs in industries such as high performance computing, aerospace/defense, telecommunications, and networking industries. Their customers include Cisco, Ericsson, Honeywell, IBM, Freescale, AMCC, GE Avionics, and Wind River. Virtutech is headquartered in San Jose, Calif.